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Last Date extended for Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation Scholarship Kochi Federal Bank had invited applications for Federal Bank Hormis Memoria... SBI embraces new benchmarks (ARRs) in LIBOR transition January 01 2022 is crucial for the LIBOR transition process since all the... Federal Bank partners with Schwing Stetter India  Kochi Federal Bank India’s leading Private Sector Bank today signed a Mem... LSAC to administer LSAT—India™ 2022 in January and May 2022 for law school aspirants Kochi The Law School Admission Council LSAC has announced the administratio... District Olympic games to begin from January 8th Kochi The district level games which will determine the athletes and teams ... Logic Scholarship applications submission date extended till December 31 2021 Logic School of Management has extended the applications submission date fo... Honda 2Wheelers India commences Global Engine Manufacturing from Gujarat Plant Ahmedabad Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt Ltd commenced the manufact... Myntra's EORS-15 set to attract 60 million visitors with platform geared to handle 15,000 orders per minute at peak Bengaluru The 15th edition of Myntra’s biannual EORS the nation’s mega ...

The rise of cryptocurrency is a keenly watched economic trend in the pandemichit financial world Crypto transactions gained momentum in India too after the Supreme Court in 2020 overturned the Reserve Bank of India’s 2018 order that banned financial institutions from crypto transactions But rumours


New Delhi With an estimated 799 million homeless cats and dogs in the country living in shelters or streets India has the highest relinquishment level compared to countries like the US China and Germany a report by Mars Petcare India said on Thursday Mars Petcare India in partnership with an adviso


Popular Malayalam film producer Supriya Menon wife of actor Prithviraj Sukumaran has expressed grief over the demise of her father Her father Vijayakumar Menon breathed last after losing the battle to cancer on November 14 She took to her Instagram page and penned an emotional note on her father I


New Delhi How can you tell if an iPhone is genuine or not Its easy to figure out just by looking at it for individuals who are more familiar with current cellphones However not everyone is tech adept and there are a few steps you can take to confirm your new iPhone is genuine Despite the fact that


The worlds wealthiest dog a German shepherd named Gunther VI is selling his sprawling Miami mansion for 32 million approximately Rs 238 crore Wealth run in the Gunther family with this particular dog inheriting a 500 million fortune from his granddad Gunther IV And then Gunther VI became a millionai


New Delhi Now people can get their Aadhaar verification done offline by sharing a digitallysigned document generated by the Unique Identity Authority of India which will contain only the last 4 digits of the Aadhaar number assigned to the holder The Aadhaar Authentication and Offline Verification R


New Delhi Cells of Henrietta Lacks popularly known as ‘HeLa cells’ in the medical community are responsible for various important medical breakthroughs including polio vaccine cervical cancer or Human Papilloma virus HPV vaccine and genetic mapping Henrietta Lacks was an African American woman who


When you’re a child there’s nothing quite as exciting as a trip to a theme park Whether you’re experiencing the rush of adrenaline on a giant roller coaster cruising along in a wave pool or filling up on tasty treats visiting amusement parks leaves you filled with joy There’s a reason Disneyland is


New Delhi From kids to the adults everyone likes to play peekaboo with little babies One might even say that its not just a game but a way of connecting with the babies It makes them giggle and their adorable smiles are to die for Isn’t it But today the video we have for you here does not feature a


New Delhi Hospitals are a grim place and people always try to do something to elevate their mood Sometimes doctors and nurses go to large extent to make their patients comfortable while some patients spread smiles with their positivity  In a viral video a toddler in a hospital is seen singing his f


New Delhi The Space Weather Prediction Center SWPC a unit of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration department has issued that a geomagnetic storm is set to hit Earth on Sunday September 26 and suggested the possibility of G1 or G2 storm conditions What is a Geomagnetic Storm A geo


Inspired by former President APJ Abdul Kalam a 12yearold boy in Telanganas Jagtial started working as a paperboy to ease pressure on his parents and support his studies The boys effort has been praised by state minister KT Rama Rao KTR Loved this video from Jagtial TownThis young lad a Govt schoo


World Alzheimers Day is observed on September 21 every year in order to raise awareness among the people about alzheimers and dementia According to Alzheimers Disease International the theme for this years World Alzheimers Day is ‘Know Dementia Know Alzheimer’s’ How the disease got its name A Germ


The national flag of India has undergone major changes since its inception On closer inspection this evolution somehow reflects the various developments in Indian politics As the country celebrates its 75th anniversary after independence as Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav you must know some of the historica


Some young people are sowing the seeds of change in the society due to their talent and availability of various resources Let us meet some such young leaders Many young people in the world are facing various difficulties for survival At the same time some young people are sowing the seeds of change


The United Nations celebrates August 12 as Youth Day to shed light on the cultural and political issues facing young people The day has been celebrated since 2000 The message for the Day is Transformation of the Food System Innovation for Youth for Human and Earth Health The day examines how to incr


The world stood in shock and dismay upon the hearing of the shootout in New Zealand This horrible act of violence was later glorified by a video taken by the shooter himself Whatever reason he had for showcasing his actions there is absolutely no need to empathize with this monster For those who ha


It wouldn’t be farfetched in saying that Avenger’s Infinity Wars would be the most anticipated movie of all time When Iron Man was first released in 2008 not even the Marvel Universe creators would have thought that in a decade’s time the movie would have been so well accepted by the mass and it wou


Recently I had to make a journey to Chennai for a work related purpose and during my time of relaxation me and my colleague visited a local café where our next table neighbors were school children I would place them around 1415 years of age and there were a good lot of them maybe seven to ten I coul


Most of the current headlines read ‘Muslim girl raped in temple’ ‘Hindu girl raped in her residence by muslim man’ ‘Dalit girl gang raped’ When did the system care more about the caste and creed of the victim over the actual crime Women are facing more hostility than ever before in our country It is


An age old topic that sprouts itself periodically is how the government both ruling as well as the opposition are not doing what they are supposed to but rather playing the blame game and pointing the fingers at the other for all the negatives that we see in our nation Very recently I happened to ca


Unless you have been living under a rock you all must have heard about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal that rocked the world A brief recap is that Facebook had sold their user’s data to Cambridge Analytica a data analysis firm that used this data to tip the scales in the US presidency


On Wednesday morning Kerala Education Minister C Raveendranath replying to a question by MLA DK Murali from the CPIM told the Assembly that the school records of as many as 123630 students in the state have empty religion and caste columns Of which 278 students were in Plus One and 239 students were


Before you all start judging this as some philosophical mumbo jumbo let me slightly tweak that heading ‘Humans produce more heat than the Sun with respect to mass per energy’ now this is more adequate The first thing you need to understand is that our sun is extremely ineffective in its heat product


For the first time in our Nation a controversy of sorts has erupted about the terms of reference of the Finance commission – a body that most Indians even the educated elite have not even heard about and those who did never bothered much The 15th Finance Commission was constituted late last year und


Those of us who have been to a government office would know the painstaking effort to stand in line for hours and fill in a document that has several repetition only to get this approved and be taking it to the next location for further processing How do we pass the time during this wait We pick up


After nearly a week of ‘will happen’ ‘won’t happen’ the verdict was finally given on the venue of the fisrst ODI between India and West Indies The capital city was awarded the right after several social media protests trolls and drama unveiled With an index of politicians sports personalities and ac


A simple ‘like’ in Facebook could mean a whole lot more than you think so much so that it could predict your voting preference I was reading upon the Cambridge and Facebook scandal during the US elections The fact about data mining and sharing were nothing new to me When you upload a photo with your


 If you are a resident of Kerala I need not give any sort of explanation to the topic Without going into the politics behind this let me approach this from a le mans perspective Trivandrum has a wonderful cricket stadium that was built after spending a small fortune with state of the art facilities


They say that a kind deed never goes without its reward in all honesty I thought it was something you tell children so that they grow up to be kind hearted responsible citizens of the society but very recently I was shown a clear example of this I had gone on vacation for a month in the states and e


Growing up I am sure many of you might have had an imaginary friend I recall my mom telling me that my sister had one This unique feature exists all over the world with no restriction over religion or region Kids sometimes talk and claim to see their imaginary friend I paid little attention to these


May be you are the type of person who rarely stays at home or the person who is quiet at home and retreats to your room while you are home However recluse you are growing up in our beloved nation we are indeed taught and even naturally pick up certain family values that go beyond words and understan


I hail from the capital city of our humble state – Trivandrum and like any born and raised trivandrite I fight tooth and nail when someone insults my beloved city and I have nothing but praise for this gem of a district I am not going to speak volumes on the sun kissed beaches or the world renowned


Stephen Hawking one of the greatest if not the greatest physicist of our time or ever existed has passed away at the age of 76 His family including his three children Lucy Robert and Tim confirmed that the renowned theoretical physicist and scientist had passed away in the early hours of Wednesday m


No this is not the summary of the famous book of the same title by Mohammed Hainf This is a rather true story happening right under our nose within our humble Kerala  Our GOD’s own country is renowned for numerous reasons our tourist destinations Our unique ayurvedic treatment the spices vegetables


Before you jump to any sort of conclusion the title is exactly what it means There is no other interpretation of it I did not mean to say ‘street smart’ I wanted the world to know how smart the pirates actually were When we hear pirates our mind goes to the one eyed wooden legged rum drinking versi


I am sure you are all tired of hearing this but I am a 90’s kid and just like every generation I too would argue that we as a whole were the best We spent ample time playing outside and also had our fair share of console games So to me the current generation seems a bit odd Let me recall an episode


Superstar Sridevis sudden death has shocked the film industry and the entire Indian populous as a whole While her family and fans are still mourning their loss several Indian media agencies took it upon themselves to rise up theories regarding her death The initial reports were about the harmful eff


Before everyone starts judging me for the title alone I want you all to take a moment and contemplate on the actions of the so called feminists for the past few years First of all feminism is not about stating that women are better than men nor is it a contest to prove that women can dominate in a r


For someone who has always been obsessed with time travel and its complications its almost upsetting that I was not aware of the bootstrap paradox before Before I go into what exactly it is allow me to describe you a scenario You are studying for your exam which is due tomorrow on the 1st of July a


I am sure in the past days all of you must have heard and some of you misfortunate to see the video of a human being beaten to death due to the sole reason that he had stolen food due to his unbearable hunger In a nation where individuals who embezzled several crores of rupees are still being given


While the title maybe a bit soon to be true one can be assured of its future considering the current growth of our humble district and the advancements in several fields it is going through its almost certain that will Trivandrum will be recognized as a metropolitan city of India Growing up in the


Before I begin let me wish you all a Happy Valentine I see my readers all have different levels of acceptation to this statement Those of you who have been single all their lives would treat this day as any other those in love would feel that all the songs are about them and might eagerly waiting to


Many of you during recent weeks might have caught an image of an astronaut driving a sports car through space in many an online social platform To those who are unaware of what and why allow me to explain  Firstly there is no astronaut it is just a space suit Secondly the car belongs to South Africa


A few days ago Technopark Trivandrum played host to a rocking DJ event One of the organizers of the event had asked me to spread the word to which I gladly obliged and did the same to most of my friends at the largest IT park in Asia During the event I greeted few of my invitees and while we were da


Before you start scrolling right let me just assure you this is not yet another edition about the blood moon I am sure many of your Whatsapp status were flooded with a dark screen and a small white dot that people want to make you believe is the blood moon of legends The fact is that every social me


The doubt that has fascinated mankind for centuries was “are we alone in the universe” Many movies shows and novels have portrayed a variety of representations for aliens Truth be told I was a skeptic I never believed there to be any extraterrestrial life out there I often criticized and ridiculed m


Astronomers have found the biggest hole ever seen in the universe rightly named ‘The void’ The void stretches nearly a billion light years across and is devoid of both matter and dark matter and is located about 610 billion light years away from Earth This discovery was purely accidental as astronom


The movie Padmaavat was finally released this week following a yearlong protest It is safe to say the protests are still going on in full swing but my question is why are we protesting on such trivial subjects when in all fairness we have many prominent points to protest about The rise in female


We all have grown up hearing stories of ghosts and ghouls Even if we are scared stiff of watching these movies we still give them a watch I personally do not believe in this concept but there did enter my mind few doubts during my plus two days It was during this time the famous Malayalam movie ‘Apa


Let me start off by saying this is not a conspiracy theory We all have heard or seen the movie about how the ship that could never sink sank on its maidenvoyage Let’s first start with a few less known trivia about the ship  Dimensions 882ft in length 92ft wide and 115ft in height It weighted 4632


The Wow signal is the strongest candidate for an alien radio transmission ever detected in the world In August 15 1977 Astronomer Jerry R Ehman of the Ohio State Universitys Big Ear radio telescope in the United States while in the search for extraterrestrials picked up a signal from the constellati


One thing we can all agree on is that we have all lied at least once in our life No matter what image we try to portray we all have had our fair share of exaggerating stories Us humans lie about a multitude of things and both men and women lie in equal proportions A study has revealed why most of us


Being a science geek myself I was overwhelmingly elated and bewildered upon hearing the news that certain researchers in the US who have created a fluid with negative mass I am sure many of you had the same doubt – “how can an object have negative mass” Hypothetically speaking any matter can possess


All our ID cards have a field called ‘blood group’ and in some point in time we must have thought why we have these different types It was back in 1900 that Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner discovered there are three blood groups A B and O Different blood groups are as a result of different antig


The concept of time travel has been a popular topic for science fiction for decades Movies novels TV series are all in abundance in relation to this topic I myself have been extremely fascinated about this topic Most of my notions were quickly changed when I dwelt deeper into this topic Most people


Deja vu comes from the French origin which translates to already seen It is the phenomenon by which one experiences an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something or a situation that shouldnt be possible In short it is a feeling of recollection  There are many different theories as to why one


I am sure that many of you have heard of the legendary cartoon the Simpsons Even though it is now fair to say that the cartoon has lost a lot of its flavour it is still headlining for mysterious other reasons Over the 25 years in which it was aired in television the Simpsons went on to prove or pre


Whenever I hear the word robotics my mind travels to the realm of movies Especially these Hollywood SciFi’s Onemovies that I would like to mention in particular would be Will Smiths blockbuster I robot Those who watched the movie would know its greatness One particular scene in the movie has caught


It does not come as a surprise when we reveal that our humble state of Kerala has its major revenue from beverage outlets Kerala has very easily overtaken all other states for this title This is by no means a promotion or campaign to get everyone drunk In fact it is quite the opposite  To everyone


I admit the title could be a bit misleading but in fact this is true Im sure many of you have received the notification of several restaurants being shut down in the capital district of Trivandrum These hotels where in fact highly reputed and had a lot of customers on a daily basis Me being someone


2017 has indeed been a rather stranger year From president Trump being elected to North koreas nuclear test and also other surprising discoveries Lets take a quick recap on what happened and the weird headlines that shook 2017 Asia North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong UN has given the world a scare


Very recently I happen to hear a news where a young girl was brutally raped and killed by a member of her own family Of course the first question that came to many of your minds was which one of the many incidences was this As much as we hate to admit this is the sorry state of affairs in our humble


Several images and thoughts must have passed through your mind right now while reading the title Truth be told some of you actually got it correct According to several official sections and clauses of the road safety guidelines we are technically or legally not allowed to change any specs of the reg


A Recent Trend that has gripped the capital district of Kerala is match screening You heard that right famous restaurants inns and cafes have started hosting football matches for the fans to see Last night the entire world stood Still for 90 minutes as Madrid was host to the biggest club football ma


There exist a Granite monument situated about 90 miles east of Atlanta and 45 miles from Athens in the city of Georgia at 750 feet above sea level The monument was erected in 1980 and has one capstone which lies on top of 5 slabs in which is inscribed 10 guidelines or principles for the new world in


There needs no education on the subject of Footpath Everyone is well aware of what it is and its purpose But sometimes I feel that even though Kerala has achieved cent percent literacy they still exist few who do not know its purpose I am of course referring to the two wheelers of our beloved state


Japanese scientists have come up with a way to record and playback ones dreams The subjects can fall asleep in an MRI machine and have their dreams reconstruct for them to watch while awake The subjects at first is hooked on to an EEG machine and then made to fall asleep within an fMRI machine the s


In what can only be described as complete embarrassment of our school education system two students from a reputed education institution in Trivandrum were suspended on the grounds of moral indecency the crime they have committed was that they hugged each other which was nothing more than a congratu


Even in the 21st century our World still lacks in something very fundamental Equality Gender bias is still a rising issue anywhere in the world It safe to say that India has come a long way in regards with women empowerment No longer are the women confined to the kitchen of the household Most nucle


Anyone fascinated by astronomy or scifi will enjoy this new discovery made by the PanSTARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii An asteroid unlike any other we’ve seen in our system That’s because its not from our star system An interstellar asteroid But that’s not all that is different about this one Sporting a


Dreams have always intrigued the human race and people most often than not are curious about its meaning Philosophers and Psyciatrists have for years dwelt upon its meaning and it seems that most humans have certain recurring dreams Today let us discuss on some common dreams and their intepretations


Every one of us during one point in their life has believed in the concept of ghost and or other supernaturalism Some of us as old as we are would still believe in its existence Over the years there have been several proofs that have emerged all over the world about its existence some made up while


Foresight is something that humans have always been fascinated with Throughout the years there have been several who claim to have been gifted with this ability the most famous of which is Nostradamus whose predictions stand tall even now 2000 years after his demise but there exists skeptics regardi


There is an old saying that states “One must not forget his roots” and that is precisely what NASA has done There exists no doubt that the Mars rover mission has been an immense success the only drawback that we could possibly speak about is that the rover tyres could not handle the harsh Mars envir


It’s always pleasing to know that one’s works gets appropriate recognition and for a writer his biggest achievements would be to know that his works are indeed being read by the mass I received a fair share of positive reviews regarding yesterday’s piece on the world renowned writer physician Miche


Nowadays it is not hard to find people who claim to see the future Every province would have their own GOD man trying to con their way to fill their own pockets It is under the light of these instances we revel with awe at the legendary Nostradamus whose predictions hold true even 2000 years after h


If you travel back to the 70’s and explain to them that you have a hand held device capable of making phone calls messaging a friend playing music watching movies an inbuilt calculator clock gives you the latest news in short if you explain them what a standard mobile phone of now does they won’t ou


Over the years there have been several hoax and whistle blowers who produced halftruths and whole lies in regards to the field of extra terrestrials Several videos and documentaries have been proved to be fabricated in the hopes of amassing attention to themselves but a change in tale has come forth


A topic that has been pondering in every human soul at least once in their lifetime would be ‘Do Aliens Exist’ Of course it goes without saying that there have been tons of movies depicting the first contact and several other literary work of the same Those who have at the very least scratched the s


You know our nation is going to the dogs when we are advised to not support a particular religion from eminent personalities from abroad In  an official statement former US President Barack Obama on Friday disclosed that he had privately told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India must not split on


The Southern Districts of Kerala were sent to a state of caution with the raging winds and periodic rain of the Ockhi It needs to be said that the government and the locals are all working in an effective manner The government is all hands on deck to ensure any and all issues that arise due to the c


The word ‘shocking’ does not quite cover what has happened at a Girls only school in Arunachal Pradesh where 88 students of class 6 and 7 where forced to undress in front of their other classmates  as punishment for writing vulgar words against the head teacher and another girl This humiliation was


India has always been the land gifted with an index of religions at its shores We have always welcomed them and ensured their prosperity Even though violence and bloodshed were seen in plenty with regards to the name of religion it was only recently we witness reforms taken by the government that su


India is without a doubt the largest democratic nation in the world and its developments are increasing on a daily basis India is creating positive ripples of change in all sectors with the right political infrastructure India can quite easily compete with world super powers in any segment but that


Today morning I woke up to a rather ‘good news’ as in it was literally a good piece of news in the papers The Madhya Pradesh Cabinet on Sunday approved the death sentence for rape convicts who are involved in cases involving minor girls of the age of 12 years and below This was the first time such a


I am a strong believer of Study till you die The books and study materials must be well used and its content taken to heart and mind But 1 field where I strongly disagree is ‘history’ My sentiments holds strong for any nation The children in Britain now grow up not knowing that their fore fathers on


The capital city of Kerala – Trivandrum has a plethora of assets associated with it From the sun kissed beaches to the breath taking views of the palaces the capital city was well gifted during the Royal ruling era so much so that it was indeed looked up with much envy by neighboring districts Triva


Over 71 years ago when our nation just got free from the British rule India was indeed in a state of turmoil and none of the socially backward classes were educated nor had any monetary funds to promote education thus if equality was promoted to its purest form the ‘lower’ caste members would have s


Last night I happened to witness something that I personally felt very odd about Passengers in dozen were throwing their loose change to a religious institution in a location that I do not wish to name Upon enquiry I was informed that this was indeed a common custom and people were following the sam


The trend of the current population is to rush to a hospital only when they have caught something Periodic checkups are a thing in the past and we put pressure on the doctors to get us cured as soon as possible This is probably why the medical professionals in our beloved state die younger than thei


Let’s face it the BJP up in the north are not doing themselves or for that matter anyone else any favor From the beef ban to the death of several children in the hospital their negligence to the public has been ever showing The latest of which includes an incident in a BJP rally held at Ramlila Maid


The right of speech the right of media are two explanations given by any and all reporters to move into any location heshe wishes Sometimes these individuals more often than not step out of bounds and last Friday it was none other than Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who pointed it out and an


Let me start off with few basic facts of our nation – the 7th largest country in the world and spreads 2933 km from east to west This particular fact is interesting because in such a large nation we still follow just 1 time zone Allow me to point out the impediment in this structure The Western most


Much of the nation stood still when whatsapp the famous online messaging app had a maintenance issue for a day This is how much influence 1 app has over us I don’t need to speak about its uses as it is plenty and is indeed a life saver on selected occasions Another common feature we can observe is t


Not so long back our nation was tightly grasped by an issue that disappeared as fast as it came I as a concerned citizen pray that it’s due to the fine work by the law and order department that we do not hear a whisper of this I am referring to the Blue Whale incident When I first heard about it I q


The nation always welcome November 14th with much fervor and ardor and this year too there is unlikely to be any change in that Every state conducts a plethora of seminars and rallies showcasing in detail the changes that needs to be implemented to further improve the circumstances of living conditi


On the 11th of November the entire nation celebrated ‘National Education Day’ – where the masses were made aware of the importance of education in this day and age We Keralites need no special class on this as we take great pride in our 100 literacy rates Every accomplished scholar has their own def


They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and anything could become ‘News’ if you just exploit it a bit and that is exactly what has happened in our humble Hyderabad The Hyderabad Commissioner M Mahindra Reddy had issued an order that saying that begging alms has been prohibited in public pla


For those who are not aware November 11th is regarded as the National Education Day in India The date was chosen as a mark of respect and to commemorate the birth anniversary of freedom fighter and independent India’s first Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who served as the first education


For the first time in the history of the Kerala assembly a special session was called to table a Judicial Commission probe report All the previous 134 judicial probes were tabled in the course of regular assembly sessions What is special about this one you ask Quite simple really none of the other 1


Not many of us will so easily forget the date November 8th as it embarked the date where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that all 500 and 1000 rupee notes would cease to be legal tender in a surprise television announcement Demonetization as it was later called had literally given every


Every organism in this world has been designed to slowly but surely evolve to their surroundings by breaking free of their defects A defect that has crept into us humans and grew ever so much in the subcontinent is the ‘caste system’ A man made criteria where people born to certain families were con


The capital city of the state very rarely hosted the men in blue but when we do it is usually a celebration Loud Noise Party Popers at every periodic interval families as a whole having popcorn and candy in their hands and ton load of stalls opened up for various commodities There is no denying the


Kerala has always stood on the fore front of literacy and health care in our nation If cent percent literacy was our milestone in the field of education we are slowly paving for one in the field of health care In what can only be described as one of the best decision from the current ruling governme


500 people in India have already died because Whatsapp is down and they couldnt forward a chain message to 10 people This was my favorite quote on twitter following the Whatsapp Blackout One of the world’s most popular messaging service Whatsapp was down for nearly an hour on the 2nd of November Th


Ever since I could remember every advertisement showcased a blue liquid being poured on to a sanitary pad there was a time when I was so young that I did not understand what the blue liquid was or what the pad meant because it was portrayed in the most vague form possible Today a leading UK feminine


In this 21st century people more often than not take the media for granted People believe that all the media does is inflate a small issue to ‘breaking news’ level With all due respect to the readers this is not entirely false There are several printed medium channels that follow this method in time


The day where printed medium gets obsolete is fast approaching The modern day men get all their news in its purest digital format and the platforms where news spreads is also numerous Very recently I got a forwarded video of people in Bihar who started worshiping a dustbin For those who haven’t seen


Being a huge film enthusiast visiting the movie halls every weekend has become a routine for me That is why I am among the best people to talk about how our beloved state dealt with the ‘national anthem’ issue before all movies The first court order came on December 6th 2016 and initially I saw the


Today’s edition is to all the working class If your ambitions are not virtuous in nature you would always view your higherups with spite and covetousness  I speak only about the deserving the ones who earned their positions to command and direct The chain of command is the simple and basic form of o


The Indian President Ram Nath Kovind was all praise for our humble state of Kerala during his presidential address of the foundation laying ceremony of the Technocity It was his second visit to GOD’s own country where he hailed the state “a potential powerhouse of Digital India a key initiative of t


Social evils and stigma continue to hold the world in ransom even in this 20th century If it’s Racism in Americas or Sexism in Europe the most horrifying grip that India is on would be the caste system where people just because they are born into a particular family are seen as inferior to few other


During my days in college we often had a war on districts The hostellers would initiate the argument and in a very small time frame we would have 14 groups representing the 14 districts I was team Trivandrum and I wish I could have those arguments now so that I may wipe the floor with the rest 13 by


I personally do not support any political party nor blindly follow any politician I believe every politician twists the facts and plays on words to get the people to revere them Although someone who I admire greatly is our former union Minister Mr Shashi Tharoor No esteemed personality is without al


My usual evening involves a light snack from a local watering hall around sunset time Yesterday I had few college going students as my neighbours in the adjascent table They placed their order pretty quickly and in near perfect unison took out their smart phones and started playing some sort of unis


One can argue for and against this topic but its always the same song Those who have experienced a college life style with political background will heap praises on its merit while those who have not shared its light will argue against its functunalities   I personally do not speak on eiter side o


After a string of flops Tamil actor Vijay has dominated the Kollywood Box Office with his Diwali entertainer ‘Mersal’ I myself have not seen the movie and this is not a review of any sorts This is about the actor having to face attacks on all fronts Primarily it was the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP l


As a prelude to the Secretariat march planned on October 23rd in regards to the current ruling government’s stand on liquor policy a group of women had conducted a vehicle rally in the city The previous government had enforced strict regulation on the sale of liquor and even shut down numerous outle


It is almost frightening to know how many women had posted the ‘metoo’ on several social media platforms For those who are not aware the ‘metoo’ depicts the women who have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment of any sorts Even though my list of female friends in social media is on the lowe


Every day we hear news that we are closer to a Nuclear Holocaust than we were ever before To those who are laughing at this needs to know that this isn’t a joke and the reality is in fact a World War 3 around the corner The tensions between North Korea and the USA have become so dense you could cut


If there is two things that our humble state of Kerala is famous for its 1            Our revenue from exporting cashews 2            Our consumption of alcohol It is safe to say that we are leading on both accounts with respect to the other states in our nation The Plantation Corporation of Kera


I am not sure about the present generation but I personally grew up spending the long hours of the night with friends and neighbors in cracking fireworks during the auspicious dates of Diwali Before everyone starts judging me yes I know it frightens dogs and other animals not to mention the sound an


Last evening as I was entering a café with my dear friend I happen to hear 3 youth probably in the late teens or early twenties who without a care in the world speaking of how they ‘scored’ something extra ordinary during their trip to Kodaikanal It took me a second to register that they were talkin


Even though Thiruvananthapuram is well known for its sun kissed beaches and paradise equaling climate according to the working man Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum as it is shortly called more often than not is most famous for the largest Information Technology Park in Asia Spanning over 9000 square


The Supreme Court today made a landmark decision in a previous unconstitutional law that persisted which stated that a man can have sex with a minor girl provided they are bound by marriage and she is above the age of 15 The Indian Penal Code defines sex with a girl below 18 with or without her con


 November 29 will forever be remembered in the minds of every Indian For those who have so easily chosen to forget it it embarked the date for demonetization in our nation The long queues the mayhem the swearing in our mother tongue all seems rushing into our memories don’t they Even though the nati


It doesn’t need to be explicitly said that people in Kerala are football fanatics Unlike several other states in our nation ‘football’ will indeed be categorized as ‘breaking news’ or ‘latest news in Kerala’ When ISL was first introduced it was here in Kerala that record crowd was witnessed We were


A breakthrough news is the dream of every Journalist Painstaking hours working on that one story hoping to give you the exposure you rightfully deserve this is the life of any and all dedicated journalist The news we hear daily is as a result of their efforts  The terms we hear on a daily basis such


A hero’s welcome is something the le man dreams about where his people welcome him with open arms and greetings for the outstanding contributions that he has done in which ever field or genre It can even be after a valiant fight of standing up to corruption and injustice of the government where he w


They say that the only thing needed to get people arguing is the simplest division of opinion Let’s scale that few notches up when a reputed Malayalam actor was jailed for the attempted contract for hiring a thug to sexually abuse a fellow actress and video shoot the whole incident Of course the sta


‘Treatment deserving a king’ that phrase could not have been any more applicable than now when the king of Sharjah made his way to Kerala The exclusive news of the state was regarding his arrival and the routines he follows It is safe to say that us Keralians have not forgotten the ‘Adhiti devo bhav


India has always stood tall against any and all speculation launched at them Over the years our neighbours plural have indeed tried some under handed tricks to make us look like the antagonists The last week was no different when Pakistan took to the UN meeting to defame India and even after the Pak


India was always one step ahead of our close neighbors Pakistan in every genre Any field you take India would have always triumphed over them and in all honesty a bit embarrassing to witness the continuous string of defeats The latest episode in this squabble includes the confrontation of the 2 nati


It comes as no surprise when we say that those seated on top of the political chair holds a certain power and influence in all fields I can say with near cent percent assuredly that no one holding a reputable post in politics has been flawless Even if it is to help a loved one or set a wrong right t


The biggest democratic nation in the world was the envy of most nations not because of our visual beauty but due to our cultural beauty Unity in diversity had no better example than the southern subcontinent of India We had residents ranging from different origins and background each following their


A month ago Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industry TCCI had recommended nighttime shopping at a seminar which was organized in association with the Centre for Public Policy Research CPPR  Even though the capital district of the state stands at the forefront on many a topic and discussion matter


The media trend nowadays is to show case any and all news under the title ‘latest news’ The term exclusive news has long lost its credibility in Kerala shores Just to get the viewers tuned to their broadcast most media’s deem their news as exclusive or important Even if the news is something insigni


Let’s take a stroll through the latest news in Kerala for some time If you take a close look it always had something to do with women abuse The dalit rape case the swami whose genitals has been chopped off the politician who was allegedly sexually abusing his neighbor and the ever latest one where t


I remember a time where the word ‘NEWS’ was synonyms to the word significant as in listening and knowing about it is extremely helpful in day to day life Today I don’t need to know what the famous actor has for lunch or why the cricketer always wears blue shoes That is not significant But I can empa


A long time ago people used to worship the skies for their harvest needs they then moved on to rocks and structures Eventually they believed the almighty just existed in the earth Then it became that certain individuals could speak to the almighty and it has moved to certain individuals are a reinca


There are numerous instances where we have cursed the traffic as we got ourselves stuck in it As much as I support what all the governments both present and previous have done in this regard but the system is still far from ideal A nation where the traffic system is systematically in place rules out


Every day we hear at least one article showcasing India is not safe for women It needs to be said that necessary steps are indeed underway but illiteracy and lust makes men blind and they forget the too have mothers and sisters back home More people are coming forward and making complaints for what


In the world largest democratic nation the media should be given the complete authority to exercise their full powers Nowhere should the media be allowed to not speak the truth The fascist and dictatorship rules we see in North Korea are not the ones we follow and therefore the general public must s


How many of you remember waking up to accurate news I certainly do and I can now say with a great amount of certainty that I certainly don’t trust a whole lot of them The power of the media should always rest with the people and their objective should be showcasing the actual happenings truthfully t