Theatres in Tamil Nadu still Shut Down  

by National | 06-07-2017 | 361 views

Tamil Nadu: Theatres all across Tamil Nadu have been shut down for a fourth straight day and is estimated that the industry has lost over Rs 15 Crore INR. The protest had started when the government had introduced a levy of 30% local body tax in addition to the GST that was introduced from July 1st.  Abirami Ramanathan, President of the Tamil Nadu Cinema Theatre Owners Federation said that “We heard that officials in the government had a third round of talks to discuss how to deal with this issue. We are hopeful that we will get a call from them Thursday morning”. On Wednesday, Actor Rajinikanth posted a tweet commenting on the issue: "Keeping in mind the livelihood of lakhs of people in the Tamil film industry, I sincerely request the Tamil Nadu government to seriously consider our plea.” Actor Kamal Hassan responded to this on Twitter, adding, "Let's request first as gentlemen should. Then we shall see." Tamil Nadu has 1,127 screens with over 6.14 lakh seats.

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