Pregnant dalit woman beaten to death for accidentally touching a bucket of an upper cast

by National | 26-10-2017 | 782 views

Uttar Pradesh: On October 15, a pregnant woman Savitri Devi was picking up garbage from homes in Khetalpur Bhansoli village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district. A passing rickshaw made her lose her balance, and Savitri, a Dalit, happened to touch a bucket by mistake. The bucket belonged to Anju, an upper caste Thakur. For this ‘unforgivable’ mistake, Savitri was brutually beaten to death.

Her neighbour, Kusuma Devi, who claimed to have witnessed what transpired after Savitri ‘defiled’ the bucket, told that Anju punched her stomach again and again and banged her head on a wall. She kept accusing her of defiling her bucket by touching it. Later, Anju’s son Rohit also joined in and they beat her with sticks.

A week later, Savitri succumbed to her injuries. The post-mortem said the cause of her death was “antemortem head injury”. Her “fully-developed 44 cm male foetus” had died too.

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