Pakistan is more dangerous than North Korea- Former American Senator

by International | 27-10-2017 | 315 views

Washington : Pakistan is more dangerous than North Korea as it does not have a centralized control on its nuclear weapons, making them vulnerable to theft and sale, a former top American Senator warned, describing both the nations as rogue states.

Larry Pressler, who served as chairman of the US Senate’s Arms Control Subcommittee, feared that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons might be used against the US,warning the possibility of someone buying these nuclear weapons from generals or colonels. As chairman of Senate Arms Control subcommittee, Pressler advocated the now-famous Pressler Amendment,enforced in 1990.

Aid  and military sales to Pakistan were blocked, including a consignment of F-16 fighter aircraft, changing forever the tenor of the  US relationships with Pakistan and India.

“Their weapons could be transported to the US fairly simply. Just as 9/11 was a very simple operation run by 20 or 30 people,” he said. 

“I consider Pakistan more dangerous than North Korea in the sense that Pakistan don’t have a centralized control of their nuclear weapons,” Pressler said while discussing his latest book ‘Neighbours in Arms; An American Senator’s Quest for Disarmament in a Nuclear Subcontinent’.

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