Consumer Protection Bill is on the top priority of Govt- Narendra Modi

by National | 27-10-2017 | 617 views

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the two days International Conference on Consumer Protection for East, South East and Asian Nations on the theme “Empowering Consumers in New Markets” in New Delhi. The Prime Minister in his inaugural speech said, in India, Consumer is considered as God in trade premises.

 ‘Grahak Devo Bhava’ is the dictum for consumer satisfaction.While mentioning the unique of CP Act 1986, He mentioned the new Consumer Protection Bill which is on the top priority of the Governemnt. Modi said that it is the consumer that helps markets grow and trade expand. The Prime Minister thanked the delegates from countries and UNCTAD for associating with India in holding this conference.

He drew attention of the gathering to the traditions and laws of ancient India as old as 2500 years and Vedic period, when laws existed for preventing unfair trade practices,abuses and adulteration of products.


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