2 US women and their dogs rescued after 5 months lost at sea

by International | 27-10-2017 | 323 views

Two women and their dogs have been rescued after being lost at sea for five months while trying to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti. The US navy rescued the women on Wednesday after a Taiwanese fishing vessel spotted them about 900 miles south-east of Japan, well off their planned course, and alerted the US coast gurad. The USS Ashland arrived early the next day, the navy said in a statement.

A sailor greets Zues the dog with his owner Tasha Fuiaba, left, on the boat dect of the USS Ashland.

The women identified by the navy as Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba, both of Honolulu, lost their engine in bad weather in late May but believed they could still reach Tahiti using their sails.

“They saved our lived,” said Appel through the navy release. “The pride and smiles we had when we saw on the horizon was pure relief.” 

Two months into their trip, well after they were scheduled to arrive in Tahiti, the woman began making distress calls, but there were no vessels close and they were too far out to sea for the signals to be detected on land.


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