Spain to impose direct rule over Catalonia after region declares independence

by International | 27-10-2017 | 314 views

Spain : The Spanish Senate gave the central government in Madrid unprecedented powers over Catalonia, just minutes after the breakaway region declared independence, sharply escalating a constitutional crisis in the centre of western Europe.

The two votes-one for independence, one to restore constitutional rule-came in dueling sessions of parliaments in Barcelona and Madrid. The central government easily won permission to take over control of Catalonia.Meanwhile,secessionists in Catalonia faced bitter recriminations from Catalan foes who called the move for nationhood a coup and a historical blunder, a month after a referendum that backed a split from Spain.

The widening impasse has left little middle ground in Spain for possible compromises and has spilled over to the European Union,whose leaders fear another internal crisis after major upheavals such as Britain’s exit from the bloc and the financial meltdown in Greece. Immediately after the vote for independence, European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted: “For EU nothing changes. Spain remains our only interlocutor. I hope the Spanish government favours of argument, not argument of force.”

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