The Shackles of Superstition

by Blog | 31-10-2017 | 650 views

The day where printed medium gets obsolete is fast approaching. The modern day men get all their news in its purest digital format and the platforms where news spreads is also numerous. Very recently I got a forwarded video of people in Bihar who started worshiping a dustbin. For those who haven’t seen the video, I am sure it’s a bit too much for you to believe but this is the reality. The video depicts women worshiping a Kangaroo dustbin that was placed in front of a temple. In all honesty, I have no idea what was going through these women’s mind when they started performing this task or why others blindly followed it. My South Indian friend who saw the video alongside me was quick to point out facts and figures about the literacy rates in India and how Bihar is among the lowest in standings. Of course every Keralite takes pride in the fact that we have achieved near cent percent literacy rate but I can recall an incident in the capital district of our beloved state where women flocked in numbers to offer their prayers to a statue of a mother carrying a child in a local hospital. The statue was nothing more than a decoration piece for the hospital but soon turned to a shrine where pregnant women offered their prayers for a safe delivery.

Even though we are only enjoying our 71st year of Independence, we have achieved far more than most nations could ever dream about. It needs to be also said that we must most definitely need to improve in certain areas and one such area is the ideology of superstition. Superstitions alone serve no one any sort of harm, it is when others start blindly following it or have been forced to follow these does a problem arise. Even in this 21st century people still believe in worshiping lawn ornaments and dustbins. Hopefully our next generation does not follow suit.

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