Dileep arrested in connection with the abduction case of south indian actress.

by Kerala | 11-07-2017 | 594 views

Kerala local authority on monday night arrested malayalam super star - Dileep in connection with the abduction case of renowned south indian actress.
The police have suspected the involvment of the actor and had taken him for an interogation session last week which lasted 13 hours. Several artists within the malayalam movie industry had showcased their support towards the actor's innocense. 
The family of the victimn were shocked on hearing the news and said they all hoped it was just another story someone had cooked up. Dileep during the interogation had no answers to several evidences pointed out to him and is said to have broken down and wished to see his daughter and family. It has also been reported that dileep had fainted from the mental exhaustion at the end.

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