Cast Out Caste

by Blog | 07-11-2017 | 1402 views

Every organism in this world has been designed to slowly but surely evolve to their surroundings by breaking free of their defects. A defect that has crept into us humans and grew ever so much in the subcontinent is the ‘caste system’. A man made criteria where people born to certain families were considered more eminent to their fellow men. The concept of this idea quickly changed from 1 noble family to being respected to 1 community being at the receiving end of everything bad. Our nation grew significantly from being one where these individuals where denied basic human rights to one where we stand now. As much as praise I can heave on our advancements, it still needs to be said that we are just evaluating the degree of injustice and even after 70 years of Independence still haven’t eradicated this discrimination.

It is extremely painful to reveal the stats that in the year of 2013 there were 33,000 reported cases of abuse in the Dalit community. This number grew to 45,000 in the year 2015. Even though the facts and figurines of 2017 have not been revealed it stands that every 18 minutes 1 Dalit citizen is being abused physically or verbally in our democratic nation. The biggest fallacy in our judiciary system is that only 23% of these cases are being convicted. This hypocrisy that was passed on from generation after generation needs to end and we must stand against this oppression and ensure that even the thought of this Indian apartheid never reaches our future generation.

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