Shah Rukh Khan : when people take Pictures with you, kiss ,scratch or hug you , it means that they love you

by Entertainment | 07-11-2017 | 606 views

Shah rukh khan has completed 25 years in the entertainment industry and the love he has been receiving over the years is incomparable.

Recently, during an interaction with a leading daily, when SRK was asked about his journey towards becoming a superstar, he stated, "Honestly, I myself would like to know how I became a star (smiles). The God’s honest truth is that I don’t know [how it all happened]. I feel  there are a lot of factors at work. If some other people — who behave like a star — know it, then they must know something [about being a star]. Actually, I would like to sit with them and ask them, 'bhai, bata do mujhe bhi kuch (tell me also something about being a star; laughs).'’

Shah Rukh was asked about the pros and cons of being a public figure. To which he replied, "Anyone who complains about stardom vis-à-vis privacy, and that they are always under limelight or [that] paparazzi [is always around], I tell them, ‘Come on, how many human beings have the good luck that wherever they go, people come and take their pictures with them?’ I know about people who try ki unki ek picture aa jaaye (that one picture of theirs should appear). When people take pictures with you, kiss you, scratch or hug you; and don’t give you any right to privacy, it actually means that they love you."

So how does King Khan look back at his journey from past 25 years? The superstar said, "It’s like asking someone if he puts a lot of thought before tying his shoelaces. Also, one can easily wear the shirt and trousers, and can even fix the hair without even looking in the mirror. I mean, it just happens, right? In a similar vein, I think those films have become a part of my nature. And if they have become part of my nature, I just can’t sit and think too much about it."

He further added, "Suppose if I sat down today to specifically see how I tie my shoelaces, and am like, ‘oh, accha aise bandhta hoon main (this is how I tie them)’, it won’t be fun. Even if one tries to remember when they first picked it up, one won’t remember it. But it’s part of your nature. I always think that it’s another lifetime, but it’s all a part of my nature (smiles)."

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