National Education Day

by Blog | 10-11-2017 | 1645 views

For those who are not aware, November 11th is regarded as the National Education Day in India. The date was chosen as a mark of respect and to commemorate the birth anniversary of freedom fighter and independent India’s first Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who served as the first education minister of the independent India from 1947 to 1958. This is indeed a day that we Keralites can take much pride in; after all which other state in India or in the entirety of Asia can boast 100% literacy rate. This figurine might not mean much to us but those who have spent a quality amount of time away from the state will understand its value. You meet a plethora of individuals in both rural and urban areas that are incapable of reading and writing and even though literacy in its dictionary term just means reading and writing, I am going to go out on a limb and support my mother state by saying ‘logic and reasoning’ is also widely seen in our state. I am sure all of you had images of someone residing in the state just flashing by your mind as I said this. Of course even I have my index of friends that I wonder how they graduated given the stupidity we hear from their mouths on a daily basis but that’s just an average citizen not anyone with judiciary power. If I may add our politicians are too smart for us and can probably get away with mostly anything which is unlike their northern counterparts who don’t stop to think before proclaiming something in National and International media. A fine example is of how cows breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. I need not specify the importance of education in this day and age so let us do our part and ensure that every child irrespective of their sex, caste or creed gets the basic human right to education.

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