6 Instances Where Dileep Faltered  

by Kerala | 12-07-2017 | 792 views

 The news that Dileep was involved in the incident regarding the abduction of famous South Indian actress had taken the media by storm. Let us discuss the 6 highlights in the case that led to his capture.

  • Dileep had filed a complaint to the police saying that Pulsar Suni had approached him with intention of blackmail.
  • Pulsar Suni had demanded an amount of Rs 2 Crore INR but failing to mention when and where.
  • In the initial 13 hour long interrogation, not once did the renowned actor talk back to the police. An innocent person would have lost it somewhere in between.
  • In the blackmail letter there was no intent of threat whatsoever which lead the police to arouse suspicion of forgery.
  • Dileep stood the grounds that he does not know Pulsar Suni but when evidence was laid in front of him, the actor had no response.
  • After interrogation Dileep requested the police to save him.

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