Flight attendant seriously injured, after falls from plane door

by International | 14-11-2017 | 483 views

Beiging : It's the shocking moment an air hostess fell onto the tarmac from a parked plane after accidently stepping through the gap between loading stairs and a cabin door. Online footage shows the flight attendant dangerously hanging below the rear cabin door before hitting the ground at an airport in central China. Doctors said the woman, who works for Xiamen Air, suffered spine compression fractures as a result of the incident. According to iFeng.com , the flight attendant fell out of the flight no. MF8253 of Xiamen Air on November 10 after the plane had arrived at the Zhengzhou Xinzhou International Airport in the afternoon. Xiaman Air’s initial investigation confirmed that the crew member fell sown when she walked back into the plane after restocking food with a tray. She was thought to have stepped into the gap between the loading stairs and the rear cabin door.Other crew members and airport security workers came to rescue the injured flight attendant while she remained conscious.

The Boeing 737-800 plane had apparently flown in from south-east China's Fuzhou Changle Airport. It was having a stopover at Zhengzhou for an hour before heading to north-west China's Lanzhou. Xiamen Air released a statement on their official Weibo account, a Chinese Twitter- like social media sites on November 11. The company saidthat the injured crew member was sent to hospital as soon as possible. She was found to have spine compression fractures after a CT scan and had undergone emergency surgery.Doctors expected her to recover in a week's time but it's not clear if she would be fit to work in the field afterwards.

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