Who will save the Doctors

by Blog | 21-11-2017 | 384 views

The trend of the current population is to rush to a hospital only when they have caught something. Periodic checkups are a thing in the past and we put pressure on the doctors to get us cured as soon as possible. This is probably why the medical professionals in our beloved state die younger than their patients. According to a study conducted by the Indian Medical Association it was revealed that doctors in Kerala are dying younger when compared to the general public. Life expectancy of an Indian is 67.9 years and that of a Kerala civilian is 74.9 years, the mean ‘age of death’ for a doctor in Kerala is only 61.75 years. The study was conducted during a period from 2007 to 2017 and the doctors enrolled with state IMA's social security scheme was analyzed to give the result.

Stress was considered as the major cause for this mortality rate, their odd working hours, lack of sleep, pressure of competition and the stress of lives and health on their hands all contribute equally to this. As medical professionals they might not feel the need to do checkups and even if a situation arises that they might be sick their pride might just not allow them to take a rest. Even though the research did not consider their dietary habits or their life style on a large scale it is considered stress as the main cause.

What many citizens fail to realize is that doctors are in fact flesh and blood like any one of us and they have gained the ability to treat us thanks to their years of education and practice, they are not miracle makers and they have their own issues as well as personal matters to attend to. To err is human and errors from their side can also happen except their mistakes could cost fatal.

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