Say NO to caste based Reservation

by Blog | 23-11-2017 | 936 views

Over 71 years ago, when our nation just got free from the British rule, India was indeed in a state of turmoil and none of the socially backward classes were educated nor had any monetary funds to promote education thus if equality was promoted to its purest form, the ‘lower’ caste members would have still struggled for a fair more amount of time. It needs to be cemented that during those ages special rights and privileges being awarded had meaning to it. Fast forwarding 7 decades these partial laws no longer serve their true purpose. These reservations were implemented so that one day everyone in our nation will have equal supremacy and the utopia of equality would stand tall. It’s safe to say that that day has arrived long back and it’s well past time that we come to grip with this fact. Even today in our democratic nation reservation exists in every sector and it’s not leveling the playing field but rather denying opportunity to those who have earned it. I know of several citizens who have failed to find their way to their dream job or land themselves in a top educational institution, not because they were undeserving but because some others who are less qualified have a section of the seats for themselves. Nowhere in our constitution is it mentioned that the deserving shall not be rewarded and no longer is the lower caste synonym to ‘needy’ or ‘poor’. Our nation has never shied away from advancements but nevertheless has always hung on to the past. Just like social evils of Sati and Child Marriage were swept away with so should the reservation system. No political party would dare try to twat something beneficial from a community that spans nearly 45% of our nation. The hypocrisy has no end as these ‘lower caste’ individuals even raised their voice when the ‘Brahmin’ community was about to be awarded a similar benefit from the judiciary. 

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