A Nation United

by Blog | 28-11-2017 | 899 views

India is without a doubt the largest democratic nation in the world and its developments are increasing on a daily basis. India is creating positive ripples of change in all sectors, with the right political infrastructure India can quite easily compete with world super powers in any segment but that is exactly what we are lacking, elected authorities who work for the people and not just strive to get another term at the office or rally up their supporters against the opposition on some non-persistent issue. Even these acts can be ignored to an extend it is when religion and communal issues are unnecessarily introduced that we understand their true intentions. Just yesterday, in Thrissur, the PRO of a prominent party president had issued a statement letter to the Sub Inspector of Police claiming that there is a move by the terrorist organization of ISIS to target all non-muslims in a particular train by poisoning their drinking water supply.

In all fairness, upon investigation no such move was found to have been plotted on the mentioned date, this by all means seems like a farce to rally up supporters of a particular communal group against another. This sort of political step to divide a nation that has seen bloodshed and violence with respect to the same subject is truly troubling and in fact disturbing. Our humble nation does not need leaders who support or show partiality towards a group based on any communal origins. Such backward thinking will always hinder with development and those who practice and preach these ideas behind closed doors are not fit to be seated at any helm of our nation. So I urge the youth of our nation to come forward against such atrocities and stay united on all fronts against such fascist and non-humanitarian examples.

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