Get Law for Stir -related violence; Says Supreme Court

by National | 29-11-2017 | 404 views

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Centre to bring in a law for loss of lives and public property during mob-related agitations. It also asked the Centre to get a law to fix the responsibility of the people who have engaged in the agitations, could be prosecuted and made to pay compensation for aiding or encouraging the crowd during stir-related violence.  The Supreme Court bench, comprising Justices AK Goel and UU Lalit said that there must be a law to take care of the people and such cases. The district courts could be charged with bringing such people before the law and make them pay for the loss of public property and lives. “ There is a need for a law to provide remedy and a forum to hear such cases. Loss of life and property cannot be allowed”, the bench said and they also said that the law enforcement authorities should be held responsible for not taking preventive steps to control the mob during such situations. The authorities should record the videos of the agitations to catch the people who have indulged in the mob-related agitations and damage the property, the apex court said. To this, attorney general KK Venugopal told that apex court that the Centre is considering changes in the Preventions of Damage of Public Property Act to fix responsibilities as per the Supreme Court guidelines. However, he said , the Centre is yet to decide on how to compensate.

“We do hope that a law will be brought in force within a reasonable time and we hope the suggestions of the court will be considered by the government and incorporated in the law,” the bench said while doing away with the petition filed by advocate Koshy Jacob seeking guidelines during such cases.While appointing a retired HC judge or a sitting or retired district judge or sitting judge as the claims commissioner to estimate the damages, the Supreme Court had earlier passed a list of directions under which people could claim damages during writ petitions against private parties involved or responsible for calling a bandh or instigating a crowd for destruction of properties during violence.

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