Times Person of the Year:Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman wins 2017 Reader Poll

by Gulf | 06-12-2017 | 616 views

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed  bin Salman has been voted the Time magazine readers’ Person of the Year, despite spearheading the continued bombardment of Yemen , leading to the starvation of its citizens.The award goes to those who “for better or worse” influenced the year. The 32 year old scored 24 percent of the vote, with the #Me Too movement against sexual assault and harassment coming in second place with a comparatively modest six percent of the votes.

Bin Salman overtook Hillary Clinton,Vladimar Putin and even the Pope to be crowned the peope’s choice, winning far more votes than the three combined. While the prince has been praised for pushing reform in the Kingdom, such as finally allowing women to legally drive , as of next June , and has also been the subject of a number of complimentary features in media outlets like the New york Times and the Guardian, his foreign policy achievements are less than impressive. He has promised to modernize Saudi Arabia by diversifying the economy away from its dependence on oil, loosening restrictions on entertainment and reducing the power of the religious police.


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