The Way of the Machines

by Blog | 06-12-2017 | 603 views

If you travel back to the 70’s and explain to them that you have a hand held device capable of making phone calls, messaging a friend, playing music, watching movies, an inbuilt calculator, clock, gives you the latest news; in short if you explain them what a standard mobile phone of now does, they won’t outright believe you. Technology has indeed taken over the world and truth be said we have only scratched the very surface. Advancements in technology will solve an index of problems that the human race suffers now, but these advancements have to be well monitored for 1 thing, you don’t want the outcome of the ‘Terminator and Matrix’ in our lifetime at least. The first big scare came very recently when Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) system had created its own “child” per say. Google unveiled its AutoML project in May, with the aim of making it easier to design machine learning models by automating the process. In November, the AutoML plans were used to create NASNet, a “child” AI designed for object detection, which outperformed state-of-the-art machine-learning architectures built for academic competitions by humans. NASNet, was later pinned against ImageNet image classification and COCO object detection dataset, which Google describes as “two of the most respected large scale academic datasets in computer vision”. On ImageNet, NASNet achieved a prediction accuracy of 82.7 per cent, performing 1.2 per cent better than all previous published results. On COCO, Google says NASNet achieved “43.1% mAP which is 4

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