Princess Diana's Jewelled bag sold for over $15,000

by Fashion | 10-12-2017 | 797 views

Washington : An exquisite jeweled evening bag owned and used by Princess Diana in the 1980s has been sold for USD 15, 186 at an auction in the US. The satin-lined silver bag was passed on to Kensington Palace Senior Housemaid Sheila Tilley. “The bag is heavy and solid , and no picture can behold its beauty . An exquisite item demonstrating Diana’s fabulous style and refined taste,” according to sources .

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“I write to confirm that I was in the employ of their Royal Highness, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana. The duration of my service at Kensington Palace was from 1981 to 1983,” Tilley wrote in a letter of Provenance that accompanies the bag. “It came into my possession when the Royal Butler, Alan Fisher, distributed a few of Diana’s unwanted items to staff who were present at the time in the Kitchen,” Tilley added

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