Meaning of a Dream

by Blog | 14-12-2017 | 833 views

Dreams have always intrigued the human race and people most often than not are curious about its meaning. Philosophers and Psyciatrists have for years dwelt upon its meaning and it seems that most humans have certain recurring dreams. Today let us discuss on some common dreams and their intepretations.

  • Being Chased: It means that we are running away from something or we don’t want to confront something.
  • Water: It is a direct reflection of our emotions. If we see a clear lake it means we are in tuned with our emotions. On the other hand if we witness a turbulent sea, it indicates that we are finding it hard to manage our emotions.
  • Vehicles: It indicates that we subconsciously feel that we have no control of where our life is heading.
  • Classroom: It means that we need to face something from our past that is still bothering us.
  • Death: Perhaps the only area where death isn’t solely negative. It represents the end of something.
  • Flying: It indicates that we have had a step up from where we are. If we fly over an obstacle filled area, it means that we know there are hardships waiting for us.
  • Falling: Falling usually represents letting go of something or someone from your life.
  • Nudity: It means that you are vulnerable in showcasing your emotional self or that you are showing your emotional side to someone.
  • Kids: It usually means the start of something new. An experience or a new relationship.
  • Food: It means you are lacking in emotional or logical nourishment. The fact that you want to eat means your body wants to know and understand more.
  • Sex: Besides, the need for a physical outlet; sex can also be interpreted as the need for an emotional connection with someone.

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