BJP wins in Gujarat; Modi flashes Victory sign

by Politics | 18-12-2017 | 564 views

The BJP wins a fifth consecutive term in Gujarat with a lower margin of victory this time.  BJP will also form government in Himachal Pradesh with a big win, snatching another state from the congress. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in parliament a short while ago, he flashed the V sign for victory,

As votes are counted in advanced rounds, the BJP is now leading in 106 seats in the Gujarat assembly elections, crossing the 100-mark, but nine short of the 115 it had won in the last election. The congress is leading in 74, up 13 from 2012. A party needs to win 92 of the state’s 182 assembly seats to form government.

Himachal Pradesh has 68 assembly seats and a party needs 35 or more to cross halfway and form government. The BJP is leading in 44 seats, a gain of 18. The congress is ahead in 20; it had won Himachal by a slight margin five years ago.

Celebrations have begun at the BJP headquarters in Delhi and in Gujarat Gandhinagar. BJP workers, who were worried in the morning as the party ran neck and neck with the Congress in early counting, are now filling the Gandhinagar office.

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