Dreams To Be Recorded And Played Back.

by Blog | 20-12-2017 | 601 views

Japanese scientists have come up with a way to record and playback one's dreams. The subjects can fall asleep in an MRI machine and have their dreams reconstruct for them to watch while awake. The subjects at first is hooked on to an EEG machine and then made to fall asleep within an fMRI machine, the subjects were woken up and asked to recall what they were dreaming about. This process was repeated about 200 times for each subject.

This breakthrough idea came from a rather straight forward principal that when we visualize certain type of objects our brain generates a consistent neural pattern that can correlate with this specific object. Using this principle we can create an algorithm that can be used to scan your brain and tie this particular data to a right set of images and presto, your dream can be reconstructed. 

Research has only been able to get 60 percentages of the data correct so far. It is still in the rudimentary phase and only crude approximations of the images can only be created. Scientists however discovered that there are certain common types of objects from the subject dreams that could correlate with particular brain patterns as recorded by the fMRI scans. Scientist believes that over time as technology improves so will algorithm and perfection can be achieved. 

No longer will we be haunted by a particular dream and no longer need we wait and pray for the same dream to occur again. Another important factor that we have failed to identify is the privacy issue. As a species we humans have always had the privilege of keeping one's thoughts private. With the introduction of search technology it is only a matter of time that people create devices that can read your mind.

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