China to Open The World’s Longest Glass Bridge

by International | 24-12-2017 | 1091 views

China to open the World’s  highest and longest glass bridge today.

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The 488 meters long and two meters wide glass bridge is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. It stands at 218 meters above the valley between two steep cliffs in Hongyagu Scenic Area in Pingshan county. The glass-bottomed bridge will also feature the world's highest bungee jump and serve as a runway for fashion shows. The sky bridge is designed in a such a way that it swings a little when visitors walk to its centre. The bridge is made of 1,077 panes of transparent glass with each being four centimeters thick and weighs a total of 70 metric tons. The view from the top is spectacular.

latest english news, exclusive malayalam news

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