Match Screening Hype

by Blog | 24-12-2017 | 830 views

A Recent Trend that has gripped the capital district of Kerala is match screening. You heard that right, famous restaurants inns and cafes have started hosting football matches for the fans to see. Last night the entire world stood Still for 90 minutes as Madrid was host to the biggest club football match in the world - El Clasico, played between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Trivandrum had over a dozen screening centres and all of them packed to the brim. There was no shortage of dedicated fans who wanted to witness the match amongst fellow supporters. 

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We got talking with one of the initial organisers of maths screening. Mr Sajan who is one of the admin heads of Real Madrid Club football fans in Trivandrum. He shared his thoughts before and after the match. Of course they were highly contrasting moods as one was excitement for the match to begin and the other disappointment of his favourite team losing. He also spoke of how the official Real Madrid club football had recognised his fan club, 'Pena Madridista de Kerala' as one of the official fan clubs in the state. This and views From ISL has shown india has moved from just being a nation that supports cricket.

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