Boat accident: Harthal in Two Panchayats

by Kerala | 26-12-2017 | 832 views

Malappuram : Six children died in a boat accident, Kadukuzhi Lake, near  Changaramkulam Narayanapuzha, Ponnani. In honor of the deceased in the accident, two panchayaths, namely, Alankodu, nallamukk panchayaths, will be observing harthal tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                             Kerala news, Malayalam news, kerala latest news, Malayalam latest news

According to the reports, Six children who have died  in the accident, comes from the same family. The bodies are being kept at Arafah hospital in Changaramkulam.Two injured children and the man who ride the boat are admitted in the hospital. The accident happened when the family members who were on holiday, went to visit  the bundle crashed near the site. The locals say the accident happened when the children ride the boat. The Human Rights Commission sought the District Collector's report on the incident. The order demanded that the report be issued within three weeks.

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