Zanco unveils tiny t1; world's smallest phone

by Technology | 27-12-2017 | 917 views

UK phone company Zanco has unveiled the Zanco tiny t1, the smallest practical phone. Measuring just 46.7 x 21x12 mm (1.8x 0.8x0.47 inch), the retro-styled candybar phone is smaller than thumb and it weighs 13g (0.46 oz), or about as much as two and a half nickels. Its resolution of 64 x 32 pixels.

The 200-mAh battery charges via Micro USB and Zanco says it should be good for 180 minutes of talk time or three days on standby. It can save 300 contacts in its phonebook and store up to 50 sms messages.latest english news, exclusive malayalam news

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