Easy beauty tips; try it at home

by Health | 03-01-2018 | 14342 views

Coconut oil to remove makeup

Using coconut oil is a healthiest way to remove makeup. It is cost-effective and easily available. It healps moisturize the skin, while acting as an antibacterial agent. Massage oil into skin in a circular motion and remove with a cotton swab.

Avocado for sun-burnt skin

Avacados are nutrient-dense fruits, that can be used as a hydration mask for skin. Simply mash a ripe avocado and apply it as a paste on the areas that need healing.

Papaya for lips

Lips too need care. Papayas are packed with vitamin C and natural enzymes that help break down the extra flakes on lips, leaving them soft and luscious. Mash a piece of papaya into juicy paste and apply on lips for 10-15 minutes.

Sugar and olive oil as face scrub

Mix olive oil and sugar in a bowl and scrub gently in circular motions onto face for a minute and rinse with warm water. This home made scrub is quick and fuss-free.

Rose water as face toner

Rose water clears all impurities that face vhas gathered throughout the day. Its antioxidant and anti-ageing properties make it a true miracle worker. Wet a cotton ball with cold rose water and dab it on pre-washed skin.

Castor oil for eyebrow regrowth

Castor oil is a natural and effective solution for thickening eye brows. Use a cotton swab to apply the oil on the brows.  Massage for a minute. latest english news, exclusive malayalam news

Sea salt to rejuvenate body

Add a generous amount of sea salt in your bath, soak and relax. It helps to get rid of grime, toxins and cleanse the skin’s pores. latest english news, exclusive malayalam news

Potato for puffy eyes and dark circles

 Cut a raw potato into thin slices, soak them in cool water and then place it on eyes. Potato has natural bleaching agents, vit A and Vit C. latest english news, exclusive malayalam news



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