The German Breath Analyzer

by Blog | 04-01-2018 | 685 views

It does not come as a surprise when we reveal that our humble state of Kerala has its major revenue from beverage outlets. Kerala has very easily overtaken all other states for this title. This is by no means a promotion or campaign to get everyone drunk. In fact it is quite the opposite. 

To everyone who takes alcohol and later drives now has something to worry about. 8 new breath analyzer made from Germany have been introduced in 8 different districts in Kerala. Most of the cunning drunkards often claim that they were mishandled or otherwise roughened up while they were asked to blow onto the breath analyzer and escape their punishment. The new German made ones however can pick up a drunkard within 10 meters of its radius. No longer does one have to blow on to the analyzer. Simply talking in its vicinity will do the job.

Very recently, I saw an individual who was asked to blow on to the breath analyzer. He refused this on the grounds that the straw on to which he needs to blow could contain foreign contaminants of its previous user. In fact this is a genuine question, but the new ones solve this problem and soon anyone caught drunk driving need not waste time calling the higher-ups. The analyzer will immediately issue a printed statement of the alcohol content in your body and also the required fine. The state government has said that if this implementation is successful more analyzers will be bought.

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