Simpsons Predictions

by Blog | 08-01-2018 | 1380 views

I am sure that many of you have heard of the legendary cartoon - the Simpsons. Even though it is now fair to say that the cartoon has lost a lot of its flavour it is still headlining for mysterious other reasons. Over the 25 years in which it was aired in television the Simpsons went on to prove or predict a lot of today's events. I would like to bring to my reader's notice few of the prominent ones

1. In 2008 the cartoon showed the video where homer's voting machine changes vote for the presidential election. In 2012 this scenario actually happened at a voting booth for the presidential election.

2. In 2002 there was an episode where Mick & Keith gave Homer a 'Guitar Hero jacket'  however the term guitar Hero only came into existence in 2005

3. In 1995 the Simpsons showcased future phones having video capabilities, a concept that was showcased to the public only in 2010.

4. The Simpsons in 2000 also predicted that Donald Trump would win the US election, which became a reality in 2016.

5. In 1998, there is a scene where Homer stands in front of a blackboard with an equation that predicted the mass of the yet to be discovered Higgs Boson or GOD particle. This scientific breakthrough came only in 2012.

6. In 1998, the show depicts a poster where 20th Century fox gets owned by Walt Disney. In 2017 this became a reality.

My salute to these writer visionaries. 

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