Deja vu

by Blog | 09-01-2018 | 536 views

Deja vu comes from the French origin which translates to 'already seen'. It is the phenomenon by which one experiences an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something or a situation that shouldn't be possible. In short it is a feeling of recollection. 

There are many different theories as to why one experiences deja vu.

Scientifically deja vu has been associated with temporal lobe epilepsy, in which the subject suffering a seizure can experience deja vu during the actual seizure or moments between convulsions but this theory can in fact  be neglected as it also occurs in individuals without this particular medical condition. 

Psychiatrist attributes deja vu to simple fantasy fulfillment. A  mismatching in the brain to mistake the present for the past. 

Parapsychologist however believe this to be related to the past life experience.

The latest research claims that deja vu is merely a false memory. The experiment was conducted on few healthy volunteers, to whom a list of words were read out such as bed, pillow, night, dream just before hitting the bed. Once they woke up they were asked to repeat these words in the best of their memory. A good majority of them also said the word ‘sleep’. The brain created a memory where the word sleep was also introduced due to its familiar nature with the other words.

Having deja vu is nothing to be worried about, it occurs in over 81% of the human population and even though the exact reason as to why someone would feel this is not entirely known, there exists little to no consequence.

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