Strict control at Night In Sabarimala

by Kerala | 09-01-2018 | 705 views

Devotees are restricted to travel through jungle road to Sabarimala. Traveling through Karimala and Pulmedu areas is limited now. The action was taken in the background of the attacks on the last days by elephants against the devotees and more than that, people should be very careful even in day time as there is presence of wild animals. The forest department informed that the journey after 5 pm should be completely avoided. They also suggested that people should not excite wild animals when traveling and inform them in the control room of the forest immediately. People should contact the control room number on  0473520234. One person named Narosh was killed in an attack on the forest road last night. The incident happened on the night of January 8 at 1:30 in the morning and died on the way to hospital. Police already made it clear to the devotees that they should be careful and avoid using the paths on night.

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