Queen Elizabeth revealed her experiences of coronation

by International | 12-01-2018 | 650 views

Queen Elizabeth shared her experiences with BBC for a documentary. In the documentary, she revealed her experiences of wearing the crown and the pain of traveling in a golden carriage. She had jokingly said that she was not able to look down while wearing the Imperial State Crown, which weighs nearly 1.28kg, as her “neck would break” with the weight of the crown. She also recounted how she was brought to a standstill when her heavy ceremonial robes ran against the thick carpet pile in Westminster Abbey during her coronation.

The crown was made for George VI’s coronation in 1937 and is set with 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and hundreds of pearls, including four known as Queen Elizabeth I’s earrings. It also has a gemstone known as the Black Prince’s Ruby.

Her coronation dress was embroidered in silk with pearls, and gold and silver bullion thread.

The documentary also features some of behind the scenes, including her son and heir Prince Charles, who was aged four at that time and his younger sister Anne playing underneath the Queen’s long robe.


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