China launches world's biggest air purifying tower

by International | 17-01-2018 | 558 views

China has constructed an experimental air purifying tower, said to be the 'world's biggest air purifier' and goes to a whopping height of 330 feet.

The hundred meter high tower in Xian is reported to be having a positive effect on the air quality in the area. The tower is undergoing tests by researchers of earth environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The research head noted that the quality of air was recorded to be better after observations were made over a distance of 10 square kilometres in the past few months. He shared that the tower has resulted in more than 10 million cubic metres of clean air since the day it was launched. The system works through greenhouses covering about half the size of a soccer field around the base of the tower. 

The biggest achievement was that levels where critical in the city the tower brought down the level to a moderate stage. But the research head said that these results are just preliminary more tests are going on and much detailed findings will be announced by the researchers in March.

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