Police station serves as child clinic on Sundays

by Kerala | 17-01-2018 | 375 views

Kannur: Monday to Saturday it is a police station. On Sunday it transforms  to a pediatric centre. The police station will double as a free clinic for children every Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm.

The initiative is the brain child of circle inspector TK Retnakumar of Kannur Town Police station, which is one of the 6 stations selected as a ‘Child-Friendly Unit’ by the state government.

“In Kannur town, many hospitals do not have functioning pediatric outpatient wings, especially on Sundays. So if there is an emergency, the parents will have to take their children to casuality and consult the duty doctor there. I conceived the idea of a station-clinic on Sundays as I felt the need to bridge this gap in paediatric care in the town,” Retnakumar said.

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