The Truth About Titanic

by Blog | 18-01-2018 | 1148 views

Let me start off by saying this is not a conspiracy theory. We all have heard or seen the movie about how the ship that could never sink sank on its maiden
voyage. Let’s first start with a few less known trivia about the ship

 Dimensions: 882ft in length, 92ft wide and 115ft in height
 It weighted 46328 tons
 Constructed by Harland & Wolff which employed 300 men who worked 6 days a week for 12 hours for a total period of 26 months
 Total cost for construction – 7.5 million US Dollars
 Current estimated cost for construction including inflation: 166 million US Dollars
 Cost for making the Titanic movie: 200 million US Dollars

It was renowned journalist Sena Molony that initially came up with the theory that the Titanic sank not because of Ice but Fire. Upon studying the mystery of how the titanic sunk he stumbled on a picture that revealed a 30ft black spot on the hull of the ship. Metallurgists suggested that the only possible way this black spot could have occurred is if a fire had continuously existed for a period of 3 weeks and this would also result in 75% of the metal being damaged and an easy victim to the ice berg.

Another unfortunate coincidence that led to the fall of the titanic was thanks to the 2nd officer of the ship – David Blair who had freed himself from the journey at the last minute and was the sole owner of the key which opened a storage cabinet that stored all binoculars within the ship. If someone had possession of binoculars they could have seen the incoming threat.

The negligence of the Titanic staff also played a part in the death of over 1000 of its passengers. To keep its reputation intact the titanic went well beyond its speed limit to prevent falling back on schedule. The captain of the ship ‘Edward John Smith’ had failed his first navigation test during his learning years and also did not let his crew participate in life boats drills which lead to 30 minute duration of deploying life boats rather than the usual 10 minutes. The titanic should by law have 60 life boats but the designer only approved 48 and for purely cosmetic reasons only 20 life boats were present during the journey which means only one-third of its passengers could be rescued.

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