U A E With Vitamin D Bottled Water

by Gulf | 18-01-2018 | 538 views

U A E : According to Reports, now the Super Markets in U A E is all set to welcome a new guest, a bottled water with Vitamin D in it. Thus the  United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced  the world's first bottle of vitamin D. This helps to reach Vitamin D, that is available from sunlight, among people through water. The Orange Water bottle of Al Ain  was presented in the International Water Summit as part of the Sustainable Week of Abu Dhabi. The Agthiya group, the producers of this bottled Vitamin D water, claims that there is no preservatives added in the water and this is the first venture in the whole world. Tariq Ahmed Al Wahidi, Chief Executive Officer, Agthiya a Group, said that this step was taken as a remedye, as Vitamin D deficiency is now a days a major health problem in the Middle East.

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