Gunfight in Afghanistan: 5 killed

by International | 21-01-2018 | 456 views

Five people killed and 6 injured during a gunfight in a hotel in Afghanistan. The attackers have also taken several persons as a hostage.

Hotel manager Ahmad Haris Nayab, who escaped the attack unhurt, said the attackers had got into the main part of the hotel through a kitchen before going through the hotel. It is one of two main luxury hotels in the city and had been due to host an information technology conference on Sunday. More than 100 IT managers and engineers were on site when the attack took place.

Najib Danish, Interior Ministry spokesman said 153 people, including 41 foreigners had been evacuated from the site.The raid came just days after a U.S. embassy warning of possible attacks on hotels in Kabul.There was no immediate claim of responsibility.


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