Role of Essential Oils in Removing Stretch Marks

by Health | 27-01-2018 | 13707 views

There are many women who go through surgical procedures in order to get rid of Stretch Marks. Stretch marks occur due to excessive stretching of the skin. And stretch marks  don't fade away easily.  The most common areas to have these stretch marks on the body are abdomen, hips, thigh area, and hands. These marks also appear on the skin due to the sudden weight loss in the body which  can damage the outer skin and also  affect it from regeneration process.

How many of you know that  the nature arround us  itself has some natural remedies for these stretch marks ?.By using certain essential oils  we  can remove these stubborn marks. They  possess the healing power that will revive the damaged skin. They are also rich in the anti-scarring properties  reducing  the presence of these marks and improve the overall elasticity of the skin.

Rosehip essential oil - Rosehip essential oil  from the seeds of rose bushes   is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. The presence of these vitamins will help in the regeneration process of the skin and minimize the prominence of the stretch marks on the body.You need to mix few drops of essential oil with carrier oil and massage the affected area on the daily basis for desired results.exclusive english news

Jojoba essential oil - Another essential oil which is a great source of vitamin A and E , one of the best remedies for treating the damaged skin and boosts the regeneration process. Regular use of Jojoba oil will help you get rid of the stubborn stretch marks on your body. In order to create the perfect mixture, you need to blend few drops of essential oil and olive oil while massaging it on the affected area for few days.        exclusive malayalam news

Frankincense essential oil - It is  famous for its therapeutic properties which make it the best oil for treating the nasty stretch marks on the body. You need to mix few drops of Frankincense oil to your everyday moisturiser and massage the mixture on your affected areas.exclusive english news

Rosemary essential oil-Rosemary essential oil is known for the regeneration process while improving the elasticity of the skin.It's regular use  will help you reduce the prominence of the stretch marks on your body. You need to mix few drops of essential oil in the coconut oil and mix them properly and apply the resultant blend on the affected areas  for about 2 to 3 times in a week.exclusive english news

Lavender essential oil - The lavender oil is known for its anti-scarring properties that can speed up the process of healing of the skin and lighten the appearance of the stretch marks on the body.To prepare the mixture, you need to add few drops of lavender essential oil and vitamin E oil. Apply it on the affected areas and massage it gently for few minutes.exclusive english news

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