Economic crisis: Liberia president cut down his salary

by International | 30-01-2018 | 651 views

Liberia's newly sworn in president George Weah has pledged to cut his salary by a quarter in the wake of his country's ongoing economic crisis. The former International football player, who was elected earlier this month inter country’s first democratic power transition in 47 years, had vowed to end corruption. Liberia president reportedly earns at least Rs57 lakh in salary .

“The state of the economy that my administration inherited leaves a lot to do and to be decided”, the former International soccer star said.

“Our economy is broken, our government is broken. Our currency is in free fall. Inflation is rising”, Weah said. Employment is at an unprecedented high and our foreign Reserves are at an all-time at an all time low."

Weah had promised a crackdown on endemic corruption as he was sworn in a week ago to the cheers of thousands of exuberant supporters crammed into a stadium in the capital, Monrovia.

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