opens rainforest - like office in US

by International | 30-01-2018 | 2271 views

Amazon’s second headquarters, the world’s largest online retailer is still expanding its main campus. Company office towers and high-end eateries have taken the place of warehouse and parking lots in Seattle’s South Lake Union district. The Spheres complex, officially open to workers on Tuesday, is the pinnacle  of a decade of development here.exclusive malayalam news

The Sphere’s three glass domes house some 40,000 plants of 400 species. Amazon, famous for its demanding work culture, hopes the Sphere’s lush environs will let employees reflect and have chance encounters, spawning new products or plans.The space is more like a greenhouse than a typical office. Instead of enclosed conference rooms or desks, there are walkways and unconventional meeting spaces with chairs.exclusive malayalam news

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