Radio-active toxic waste from Chernobyl used to ensure crypto currency’s security

by Technology | 31-01-2018 | 812 views

The developers of privacy-obsessed crypto currency zcash used nuclear waste from Chernobyl in its latest ceremony to ensure the digital currency’s security. As part of their ‘Powers of Tau’ ceremony designed to create and then dispose of cryptographic “toxic waste”, Ryan Pierce and Andrew miller used radioactive graphite sourced from the core of Chernobyl’s infamous nuclear facility to create low-level gamma and beta radiation-which were then converted into random numbers used to generate zcash’s public cruptography parameters.

To further guarantee that the digital waste didn’t fall into the wrong hands, pierce and miller performed the procedure 3,000 feet (approx. 1km) above sea level on a small private aircraft in the airspace above Illinois and Wisconsin.

Far from being tin-foil paranoids,zcash developers conducted their unusual airborne ceremony in order to ensure that the code used to create zcash cannot be compromised in any way by outside actors-a vital factor in creating confidence in the crypto currency.

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