Super Blue Blood Moon

by Blog | 01-02-2018 | 4149 views

Before you start scrolling right, let me just assure you this is not yet another edition about the blood moon. I am sure many of your Whatsapp status were flooded with a dark screen and a small white dot that people want to make you believe is the blood moon of legends. The fact is that every social media platform that I turned yesterday was showered with the same topic and many of them depicted very strange superstition. One of the articles I read very proudly boasted the fact that if girls of age viewed the blood moon they would get pregnant. Amusing as it may sound now, I was astonishingly surprised at the Intelligent Quotient of the person who wrote this, never mind the idiocracy of 1 individual but the people who are there to supervise and ensure what gets publicized on behalf of their name all turned a blind eye to this nonsense just because on this particular day it would be a highlighting topic. Take nothing from them, even I read it, so they had viewers; 1 time viewers I’ll be sure to never read articles from their brand name ever again.

Even more comical is that I heard three distinct names for yesterday’s event and to everyone confused let me clarify

  1. Super Moon: When the moon is closest to the Earth
  2. Blue Moon: The second full moon in a month
  3. Blood Moon: The red tint that the Earth’s shadow cast on the moon during a lunar eclipse

What happened yesterday was the third and it is indeed a rare event and in all honesty I am glad that in addition to have lived through two decades, two centuries and two millenniums I also got to witness this once in 150 year event as well.

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