More than 900 gold miners trapped underground brought safe

by International | 02-02-2018 | 487 views

More than 900 gold miners who were trapped in a South African mine for more than 24 hours after a power outage were safely evacuated . The Sibanye-Stillwater company,which manages the Beatrix mine in Free State province,said the miners will have medical tests and counseling and that it expects the mine to start operating again Monday.

Mine unions and others,however,are expressing concern that there was no functioning back-up plan for evacuation after a storm knocked out power Wednesday night and say the incident reflects continuing safety problems in South Africa’s mines.

The mining company said a massive power outage caused by a storm had prevented lifts from bringing the night shift to the surface at the mine near the city of Welkom. Company managers and unions say food and water was delivered to the trapped miners while they awaited the restoration power,which enabled elevators to ferry them to the top.

James wellsted ,spokesman for Sibanye-Stillwater,said the mine has 23 levels,going down to about 1,000m below ground. One cable was restored on Thursday and 272 workers were rescued,but 955 remained trapped by early evening,the  company said.

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