Indian railway to have a database of its workers

by National | 05-02-2018 | 794 views

New Delhi : A new policy in Indian railway which for the first time will have a database of workers engaged by contractors in non-operational areas such as housekeeping, cleaning, consultancy, training and other such services. Therefore aims to keep an eye out for any violation of labour rights. The computerised system will have a database of all workers with their personal details, police verification, medical insurance, provident fund registration, identification certificate issued by the government of India, attendance data, shift log and the details of safety and labour law training and salary details.

The GCC said that this system shall be put in place by the contractor or by Indian Railways, as decided by the railways as per the special conditions of the contract. Use of this system will be mandatory in labour-intensive service contracts that are in housekeeping.

It will also generate identity cards for them complete with worksite details, blood group, photograph and a colour- based band, based on the category of labour. The worker's biometrics will also be uploaded to the system.

This policy follows a recent directive from the Railway Board issued on January 24 which said that any railway contractor found violating labour laws would face charges under the law, but may find himself being blacklisted by the national transporter.

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