Bird control method; Solution for little creatures that make headache

by Technology | 11-02-2018 | 898 views

A startup called Bird Control Group has developed autonomic, a fully-automated laser device to shoo away those tiny little creatures. Once they are dispersed they won’t come to the area, the developer claims.

Like other airline industries across the world, the UAE is also spending billions every year to get rid of birds disrupting flight services. Early last year, Reem Al Saffar, manager of airside projects at Dubai International Airport, had said that the number of birds are increasing in the UAE due to the new tourist attractions and developments, including birds and wildlife sanctuaries.

She is heading a dedicated airside controlling team who monitors and records the off-air presence of birds around the Dubai International Airport, and studying their habitat with the help of special bird control vehicle, The Dutch startup group’s laser technology offers a ready-to-use smart solution to this.

The automatic device uses a green light and it works on all kinds of birds and is an environment-friendly device. It can shine around buildings, vast areas of land and can be used in time slots like, for example, when migratory birds come or after taking note of the arrival timings of birds.

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