Alliance with Rajini is unlikely if his colour is saffron - Haasan

by Politics | 11-02-2018 | 904 views

Movie actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan has made it clear that any political alliance with superstar Rajinikanth is unlikely if his colour is “saffron”, in an apparent reference to the BJP.

Haasan, who had recently announced  his foray into the electoral politics, said that his “true purpose today is to challenge the status quo and mediocrity in politics, that is plaguing the state of Tamil Nadu.”

Responding to a question on Rajinikanth joining politics, Haasan did not rule out an electoral alliance with him if there is some commonality of thoughts and ideas between them and similarities in their manifestos. But, he quickly reffered to the sharp differences between them on religion and on ‘saffron’, which was interpreted as the BJP.

“I hope Rajini’s colour is not saffron. Alliance with Rajini is unlikely if his colour is saffron,” Haasan said at the annual Indian conference of the prestigious Harvard University.

“I cannot see a clear understanding now,” Haasan said when pressed by moderator Barkha Dutt on the sharp ideological differences he has with Rajinikanth.

The entry of the two top Tamil film stars comes against the backdrop of a perceived vacuum in Tamil Nadu politics after former chief minister J Jayalalitha’s death in 2016 and the ill-health of DMK chief M Karunanidhi for over a year following which he was inactive in politics.   

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