Boston Dynamics; Spot Mini Robots can now open the door

by Technology | 13-02-2018 | 689 views

Secretive robotics firm Boston Dynamics has posted a new video showing off its creepy SpotMini robo-canine , where he can be seen opening a door all on his own. In the 45 –second video, titled  ‘Hey Buddy, Can you give me a Hand?’ a SpotMini walks over to a before realizing it can’t get through.

Another Spot mini quickly comes to his rescue and extends his clawed arm , which he uses to grab the door handle. The Spot Mini is seen holding open the door as his fellow robo- dog friend then casually walks through the door. The terrifying video has led one commentator to write  on youtube: “Doors can no longer stop them, we’re doomed’. It seems that Boston Dynamics has added even more useful skills to the MiniSpot since the dog-like quadruped's design was updated.

The SpotMini is a small four-legged robot that 'comfortably fits in an office or home,' the firm said. It weighs 25 kg, or 30 kg, when you include the robotic arm.  The SpotMini is able to pick up and handle items due to its mechanical arm and perception sensors.  

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