Private bus strike in Kerala results in record revenue

by Kerala | 18-02-2018 | 475 views

As the indefinite strike announced by the private bus operators  enters third day in Kerala, the strike has actually turned out to be a blessing for state transport corporation. Kerala State Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has recorded over Rs 7 crore in revenue for the second straight day on Sunday. This will be a huge relief for KSRTC which has been making an average loss of Rs 2 crore per day. "As thousands of commuters struggle across the state, KSRTC is doing everything they can to ease the travel worries," said EDO Anil Kumar. "Our average daily collection is Rs 6.15 crore. But for the last two days we have been maintaining this over Rs 7.20 crore. On Friday, our combined revenue was Rs 7.22 crore, on Saturday we recorded our highest ever collection of Rs 7,85,23,439. The corporation operated over 400 schedules over the last two days," he added.

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